The benefits of buying a garden hose

The main benefit to buying a garden hose is easy access to water outdoors. Sure, you could put your watering can up to the outside tap and let it fill, but for a large garden, this just isn’t practical. It would take multiple trips and put a lot of strain on your back to water a large garden that way. With a garden hose, you merely turn on the tap and carry the hose around. Since it’s a continuous stream of water, you don’t have to walk back and forth to get more water, which is more time efficient.

expandable garden hose

And it’s a pretty similar situation if you’re looking to wash your car at home to save money. Having a gardening hose is handy, because, once again, you’re not making several trips to the faucet and lugging water back. This allows you to finish the job quicker, saving you a lot of headache (and backache).

Of course, garden hoses aren’t limited to chores. They’re a super convenient way to fill up your kid’s pool on the first day of summer. Likewise, there are all sorts of outdoor water toys that you can hook up a hose to, which are a great way to occupy your kids and keep them busy during those long days of summer vacation. And of course, there is the old-fashioned sprinkler, that can be used for both work and play—it, too, requires a hose to function.

Those are just the basic benefits of buying a standard, generic gardening hose. When you focus on the details and get more specific, even more benefits begin to manifest. For instance, there are a lot of nozzle options out there. Depending on which kind you get, it can make watering your garden or washing your car loads easier than if you were just to use a bare, generic hose.

These days, they also have hoses that are anti-mold, antimicrobial and lead-free. If you’re going to use a hose to fill up the family pool or let your kids run through the sprinkler, it’s a good idea to take advantages of these more modern, safer hose options, because they’re just healthier than the lead-laden, moldy hoses of the past.

Garden hose material types

One of the most dramatic differences between one garden hose from another is the material it is made from. While most garden hoses on the market today are competent in ideal conditions, you need to keep in mind the most extreme conditions you might be using your garden hose in (such as extreme heat, cold or around sharp objects) and gauge your material and construction needs based on that. There is no one perfect garden hose material as we found out by asking Delicious.